View all the drawings!

I have created a new page where you can look at all the images that have been drawn with my little drawing app.

The page is very minimal but maybe I should build on this and add some commenting and voting. What do you think? M;D

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New Features: Texts & Hidden Codes

It is now possible to mark a code post as “hidden”. Hidden codes will not appear in the recent posts list and cannot be found with the code search or by guessing IDs. However this feature is not engineered to be secure.

The second new feature is posting texts. The text is formatted with Markdown so you can quickly create and share nicely formatted texts.

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Kotlin web demo is now public

The Web Demo for Kotlin, the new programming language by JetBrains, is now public and you can try it out in your browser. They have built a nice code editor in the browser with intelligent auto complete support.

The language itself looks very promising. It is quite similar to Java but is a little bit more advanced, but not as complicated as Scala.

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I just tried dart …

… (dart, the programming language) to create a new version of my drawing application.

But it is not really usable at the moment.

  • The generated javascript code cannot be executed on Firefox, only works in Chrome
  • There are no nice libraries like jquery and all the jquery plugins
  • The dart IDE is in a very early state

Maybe I will come back to it when it is more advanced and stable. Dart already makes it much easier to develop a structured web application but it still needs a lot of work.

And I believe in this statement by Manuel Simoni from his Programming Language Predictions for 2012:

A GWT-like, 80’s style, object-oriented GUI framework will make Dart a major player in web apps.

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Small design changes

As you can see I have made some small changes to the design of the home page:

  1. Changed Fonts: 18px Georgia, 160% line-height.
    • Read this article: 16 Pixels
      For Body Copy. Anything Less Is
      A Costly Mistake
    • I thinkg Georgia is the most beatiful default font. I thought about using a custom web font but I thinkg Georgia is good enough.
    • I think this is the best combination to read a text on the web. I created a simple and stupid greasemonkey userscript to change the font on any page to this style. You can get it here if you also hate reading 12px fonts. If I have time I will create a real Firefox extension which does this better. All existing readability extensions for firefox I found had some problems …
  2. Changed color of the navigation bar to black
    • I like the black google bar. It lets you focus on the content.
    • The latest Ubuntu also has a similar dark bar at the top.
  3. Added a dark background pattern from They have a lot of nice patterns.
  4. Removed blue colors
    • just did not fit…
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New Server

I am on a new server now. It is still a virtual server running Ubuntu and it is still hosted by However the new server is a lot faster. It has about 10 times more RAM and also more CPU power, more space, unlimited traffic and much more. If you are interested in having your own v-server you should definitely check the new v-servers at greatnet.

As I had to reinstall everything I decided to write down what software I put on the new server:
It is running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I did not make the same mistake of choosing a non LTS version again.
And here are the packages I have installed:

  • php5-cgi
  • nginx
  • vim – a text editor
  • mysql-server
  • php5-mysql
  • ufw – a simple firewall
  • lynx – a simple browser
  • wget
  • sudo
  • unzip
  • imagemagick – used for the draw tool
  • graphviz – used for the graph tool

I did not install Proftpd (a ftp server) this time because I realized that I can also use Ssh with my Ftp-Client (FileZilla).

I think I will now try to use the increased amount of memory to run a java server and experiment with some other programming languages besides php. I want to try python, java and scala but I will yet have to find a way to integrate the php parts with the jvm part.

PS: I just realized that WordPress required a ftp connection for automatic updates and installations. This sucks.

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StarCraft II GUI Paste Service

It is now possible to post sc2 gui code! I just integrated my javascript formater which we already use for the maps forums.

If you want to use the script for your own page you can just download it, adjust the image path and put it onto your page (requires jquery). You should also give credits to and link to or

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WordPress migration continued

Today I continued to integrate my site with wordpress. All pages now use the same navigation again. I also removed my old login function and imported all users into wordpress using the CSV User Import Plugin. Unfortunately I could not transfer the passwords so you will have to use WordPresses Passwort Recovery Form to get a new password. Or if you have a facebook or google account which uses the same mail as your you can just login using those. This is possible due to the Social Connect Plugin.

Apart from the lost passwords the wordpress migration was quite simple. The following snippet is basically everything which has to be included into every page:

require_once( './blog/wp-load.php' ); // import wordpress
// do stuff
get_header(); // display wordpress header
// own output
get_footer(); // display wordpress footer

After including wp-load.php, the function wp_get_current_user() can be used to get the current user, so I just had to replace my hand written session handling to use this function.

At the end, let me give you a list of my currently installed WordPress Plugins (in alphabetical order):

  • Add Meta Tags: Automatically adds meta tags, like the description meta tag.
  • Akismet: Prevents spam.
  • Breadcrumb NavXT: Shows you were you are ;)
  • CSV User Import: For importing old users.
  • PS Disable Auto Formatting: Prevents wordpress from messing up your html code – very important.
  • Social Connect: For logging in using Facebook or Google.
  • WP-PageNavi: Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog.
  • WP Chili: Code highlighting using javascript (Of course I could write a plugin, which uses my own highlighting engine, but just clicking the install button is much faster ;).

If you know of other plugins which I might find useful, please leave a comment.

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New Blog

As the comments of my old homepage were not really used anymore, I decided to replace them with this new WordPress Blog. I think I will predominantly use it to write about new features of but it might also include small reports about other things which I find worth to share.

As this blog post suggests I decided to switch the language of my page to English (even though my English is very broken :D). Maybe some day I write down something which is worth to be read and it would be a real pity if some people could not understand it :D

Please leave some comments with your opinion about the new homepage, especially if you are missing something or have other wishes.

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